Do I have to use paint?

You can create a picture in any medium you like as long as you can do it in a day. Oils, watercolours, acrylic, pastels, pen and ink, lino cuts and mixed media but you must be able to create it in day. We do not accept photography.

Can I make some outlines or preparatory sketches on my canvas/board?

All materials must be blank and not pre-prepared with background or other preparatory sketches but we will accept primed surfaces.

Can I paint anywhere in the city?

You can pick anywhere to paint in the set area which covers the pedestrianised Gate Streets (Northgate Street, Eastgate Street, Southgate etc), the Cathedral grounds, Gloucester Park, Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester Docks, Castlemeads and Alney Island Nature Reserve. Please see the map as a guide.

Please remember don’t do anything that would break the law or cause a public nuisance while painting. Common sense is the watchword.

Can I enter a picture I painted beforehand?

No, the whole idea and fun of Art in the City is that everyone creates a picture from scratch in just one day.

Where is the Registration Hub?

The Registration Hub is at the Adult Education Centre next to Black friars Priory

Why do I have to go to the Registration Point first before I get painting?

Because we will need to see your confirmation email and put a small stamp on the back of your canvas as proof that you started the day with it completely blank.

Can I submit more than one picture?

We can only accept one artwork from each artist but that could be created on more than one surface.

Do I have to paint outdoors?

We’d like everyone to paint outdoors, because that’s the essence of Art in the City. Please be aware that you must bring some cover for your painting in the form of a parasol /umbrella if the weather is not good. Gazebos are not permitted.

Is there a maximum or minimum size for entries?

No, but all entries need to be suitable to place on an easel.

Can I bring my finished artwork back to the Registration Point any time during Saturday?

Yes, any time before 6pm as we will not accept any entries submitted after this time.

Does my picture have to be framed?

Framing isn’t essential. However, you will need to attach wire or cord  to the back of the canvas for it to be hung on the hooks provided.

Is there an opportunity to sell my artwork?

Yes. You can provide your email address to go on the label next to your artwork in order for visitors to contact you. You are free to arrange a private sale. Unlike other painting events, we will not charge any commission.

How do I sign up for free art classes?

Head over to our ‘Workshops page’ where there is a full list of the available workshops and a sign up form. The sooner the better as places are limited!

How does the Coloured Earth competition work and what materials can I use?

Artists will be given a free box of quality pastels on arrival; however you will be allowed to bring your own pastels to the event. These MUST be approved by UrbanCanvas beforehand. Artists will not be allowed to use permanent paints, oil pastels or any such materials that are likely to damage the fabric of the site. Other techniques such as the use of ‘sugared water’, acrylic binders etc. must be approved in advance.

Artists will be allocated a pitch size of 12ftx16ft (approx. 4mx5.5m) on arrival. All work must be done within the boundaries of this pitch. Some allowances will be made dependent upon design and available space.

If you have any questions that are not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact info@marketinggloucester.co.uk.