Art In The City 2018 Competitions






Whether it’s iconic landmarks such as the magnificent Gloucester Cathedral, the picturesque Victorian Docks, or street scenes of everyday life, artists will be competing in this exciting event for all to see.

The finished pieces will be displayed in an exhibition with judges awarding prizes to the best work for each category. Contestants’ artwork will be judged by the panel on the evening of Saturday 14 July 2018. The judges will be looking at which artworks best capture the spirit of the city.

  • Winner £1000
  • Runner up £500
  • Student £250


ALL NEW FOR 2018 – Family Category

An exciting new category will be introduced to this year’s Art In The City. The family category invites families to participate in the creation of a piece of art, contestants can either create one piece between the whole family or each individual family member can create their own piece and the pieces will be judged collectively. There will be prizes for the 10 best entries. Sign up now to receive a free family painting pack to be used on the day.



Anybody can enter this competition and each artists can submit up to 3 entries, as long as they have been completed within the last 3 years. The pieces can be any theme or medium and all submissions will be displayed in a location TBC.*

  • Winner £1000
  • Runner Up £500
  • Student £250


*Submissions must be no larger than 1 Metre x 1 Metre

The Winners 2017



The live outdoor painting competition attracted painters, illustrators and mixed media artists to some of Gloucester’s more famous landmarks such as the historic Docks and the Cathedral while some elected to depict bustling street life in the city centre.

Abigail Waddell won first prize of £1,500 for her intricate mixed media scene around Gloucester Cathedral.

Runner up was Sharon White who won £500 for landscape of Victoria Basin.

This year, organisers offered up £750 for the Student Prize to encourage young and upcoming talent with 13-year-old Valeria Michael.

The competition entries were judged by a panel including artists PJ Crook, Swarez, Russell Haines and Richard Parker Crook.

Abigail Waddell and PJ Crook Russell Haines Sharon White Jason Smith Valeria Michael Swarez

  1. Fill out the online form

All across the city of Gloucester, you will find a myriad of of scenes and locations to inspire the artist in you. The natural beauty of the River Severn and surrounding countryside, historic buildings and ruins, the skyline-dominating Gloucester Cathedral, busy city centre streets, the beautifully restored Victorian Docks and canal – all this in Britain’s best small city.

Artists from up and down the country will be competing to best capture the spirit of Gloucester on canvas over the course of a single day. What you paint and how you paint is entirely up to you. Oils, watercolours, acrylic, drawing, pastels, pen and ink and other mediums are accepted, but photography is not.

Complete the form below and you will receive a confirmation email (print this out and bring it with you on the day).

2. Advance Preparation

  • If possible visit the area ahead of the event. This will help you decide where to paint.


3. On The Day

Painting Day Saturday 14 July 2018. Artists should come to the Art in the City Registration Hub at the Ivor Gurney Hall, King’s School between 9.00am and 11.00am to sign-in, bringing with you:

  • a printout of your Artist’s Confirmation Email.
  • any canvasses, boards, paper or other material you will be working on. We will stamp them all with the Art In The City logo. Only one finished artwork per artist with this stamp will be accepted into the competition.  Please note that all materials must be blank and not pre-prepared with background or other preparatory sketches. If you are painting on canvas, we will accept blank canvasses that have been primed for painting.
  • a frame for your finished artwork (optional).
  • any additional equipment such as easels, umbrellas and seating you may need during the day.

After registration artists may go off to enjoy creating their picture, but must return with the finished artwork between 5pm and 6pm, where it will be checked in as complete. The Registration Hub will close at 6pm prompt.

No amendments are to be made once artwork has been checked-in.



4. Hanging

We recommend that you frame your finished picture, so that it will hang better and be as attractive as possible when being judged.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to store the frames for you whilst the competition is taking place. However, space will be provided for contestants to frame their completed artwork.

Whether your painting is framed or unframed, you must attach a wire or cord in order for you to hang it on the hooks. The only exception is works on paper, which will be hung with pins.

You can then hang your artwork in an available space in the exhibition area.

You will receive a label when you check in your completed artwork. Please fill it in with the following information:

  • Artist’s name
  • The title of the work
  • The medium of the work
  • Price and contact details if you wish to organise a private sale.

Please take extra care when framing and hanging your work, especially if paint is still wet. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur.

All entries must be hung in the exhibition area by 6.30pm at the very latest.

5. Judging

The judging will take place at 8pm on Saturday 14 July.

6. Exhibition

Competition entries will be exhibited at Gloucester Cathedral.

We will aim to display all entries.

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