David Tovey – A Soldier’s Story

Ex-homeless artist and campaigner David Tovey presents A Soldiers Story

As an ex serviceman himself, A Soldier’s story is a work that has been in the back of David’s mind for some time. Ex-servicemen who become homeless account for a shockingly high number of people. This installation depicts soldiers and the stories of some of those people. Raw, uncompromising, and sometimes brutal, there are deep questions sitting at the heart of these stories about how people who serve this country are treated.

These stories attest to the struggles that people face when they leave the armed forces. As the UK reflects on the centenary of the First World War with fields of poppies, grand exhibitions and flag waving up and down the country, David’s soldiers invite you to consider the legacy of those wars and the situation people find themselves in now.

Venue: UKDRIC Exhibition Space, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Gloucester 12th July