Judith Knight

Judith’s background is in Learning & Development, having spent 9 years as a Learning and Development Manager working in Gloucester, and being qualified at Masters level in Business and Personal Coaching. 

Following a breakdown 4 years ago – triggered by a combination of multiple life and work stresses – Judith was diagnosed with complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe anxiety. Her introduction to art at this time was through a mosaic art therapy course to help her cope, and out of the counselling, the courses, and the the medication, mosaic has been the most transformative, the most calming, and the most joy-bringing.

With a studio space now in her home, Judith runs a weekly community mosaic group where some of the people from the art therapy group have carried on and others have joined the group to de-stress, mosaic, talk and laugh. 

Judith continues to offer coaching through her business ‘Connected Coaching’, and is now building up ‘Connected Creativity’ to share the joy of mosaic – and the power of broken things re-imagined and made even more beautiful – both through selling her creations and through workshops.

Venue: Fad and Fated, 35 Worcester Street, GL1 3AJ