City-Wide Exhibitions

This year we have a series of professional artists taking part in WSP Art in the City, with exhibitions of their work in venues across the City.

Any artists or crafters  who wish to take part in WSP Art in the City whether it be a solo exhibition, to be part of a group exhibition or to hire a stand at our art fair please get in touch

Jack Russell Exhibition St Michael’s Tower

International cricketer Jack Russell MBE has been a professional Artist for nearly 30 years. Self- taught, he decided to become a painter as a result of frustration at being stuck inside cricket pavilions when “rain stopped play”.

Jack paints a wide range of subjects. From landscapes, wildlife, military, portraits and sport. His paintings hang in public and private collections worldwide, from the Tower of London to The Bradman Museum in Bowral Australia. Sittings for his portrait paintings have included HRH Duke of Edinburgh, HRH Duke of Kent, ten Field Marshals of the British Army, Sir Norman Wisdom, Eric Sykes, and Eric Clapton. Sporting icons include Sir Bobby Charlton, Dickie Bird and Phil Taylor.

Jack’s cricketing pictures are legendary. He spent over 20 years in the thick of cricketing action for both Gloucestershire and England. Whether it’s a Test match or County match who could be more qualified to paint a cricketing scene? He knows the atmosphere and the technical detail of a cricket match inside out. After all, many of the cricket scenes he paints, he’s in them!

Come and meet Jack and see some of his fantastic work on the 14th and 15th of July at St Michael’s Tower in the centre of Gloucester.

Angie Spencer Exhibition Mariner’s Church

Angie Spencer was born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in 1959 and has lived in the South West of England since 1984. She has a studio in Stroud and will be exhibiting some of her work in the beautiful Mariner’s Church in Gloucester Docks.

She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Gloucestershire in 2004. After working as a printmaker for a few years she returned to oil painting.  Angie exhibits her work regularly, and has sold nationally and internationally.

‘I am inspired to paint landscapes and love taking the easel outside to paint plein-air. There are always surprises in way the landscape responds to light which are fascinating to observe and try to catch. There are always colours which one would not have imagined.’

Angie will also be our professional artist located at one of our 2 painting zones – outside Mariners Church. Come and join Angie and paint a view of the docks register free now.

Find out more about Angie at her website

Group Exhibition Debenhams

Come and see work from a diverse range of artists in Debenhams in Kings Sq.

Jackie Garner – Wildlife artist

“I’ve been painting wildlife and the natural world for over 30 years. I originally trained at Medway College of Design, before becoming the part-time education officer at Gloucestershire’s Nature in Art. That role allowed me to indulge my love of wildlife art, and I was inspired – and taught – by some of the great British wildlife artists – Robert Gillmor, Peter Partington, Bruce Pearson, Greg Poole… Before I knew it my metamorphosis from a “naturalist interested in art” to an “artist interested in nature” was complete.”  

Gerald Crittle – Abstract artist

“I paint in mixed media; this includes a wide range of materials to create texture and unusual patterns. I enjoy experimenting with different materials to create unique and interesting paintings. My paintings are not pre-planned, I start by applying texture and layers of paint and from this shapes appear that become the focus of the work and determine the final colours.”

Tony Marriot – Caricaturist

Tony is a full-time, professional, Gloucester-based caricature artist and has entertained around the country at various events and also supplied caricatures direct to customer’s doors. So, If you’re looking for some ‘laugh-out-loud’ entertainment for your special event or a fun, personalised gift drawn from your photos, Tony’s the man to see! Weddings, Corporate Events, Tradeshows, Work parties, Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Retirements, Christmas, you name it!

Ted Homer Exhibition Museum of Gloucester

Ted Homer is a landscape photographer currently based in Gloucestershire. Graduated from University of the West of England in 2013.

His exhibition can be seen at the Cafe Nerva Gallery in the Museum of Gloucester.

Sue and Keith Gage Exhibition Gloucester Guildhall Cafe

Sue and Keith have been working artists all their lives come and see a selection of their work in the Cafe at Gloucester Guildhall

Sue originally trained as a  technical illustrator in the aircraft industry in Cheltenham. For many years her preferred medium has been watercolour but she now also works in acrylics, oils and pastels.Her work also includes drypoint etching and lino and wood cuts which she  prints herself using oil based printing inks.Sue enjoys wood carving-mostly birds and other wildlife using a variety of wood ,either painting with acrylic paints or leaving the wood in it’s natural state.

Her inspiration comes mainly from locations she has visited when pursuing her favourite recreational  pastimes of hill walking and cycling both in the UK and overseas in South East Asia and Spain.

Keith  studied art, illustration and typography at Gloucester College of Art from 1956 to 1961 and also studied weaving and textiles for 2 years at Gloscat. He has been a professional artist/illustrator since 1961 and was elected  to full membership of S.I.A.D. in 1964.Keith has travelled extensively in South East Asia and Spain during the last 25 years.

Keith retired from the commercial world of illustration 7 years ago and has subsequently become absorbed in fine art printmaking and gouache watercolour painting .Keith specialises in small editions of hand printed etchings, block prints and mixed techniques e.g. collagraphy with overprinted drypoint, saline sulphate etching and mezzotint.

Trudi Hayden Exhibition Kings Walk Shopping Centre

Trudi Hayden’s paintings stem from her deep love of the countryside. Living in the village of Alderton on the edge of the Cotswolds, she finds new scenes to paint daily while on wanderings with her dog.Some places create an impact upon the observer, and for Trudi, the show that nature provides is the key to making her stop and stare.It is these fleeting observations of light, shade, season and atmosphere that she attempts to capture in her paintings. She invites the viewer to take a moment to absorb the mood of each piece, and imagine gentle winds or the feel of warm sunshine…

Trudi is self-taught, specialising in the versatility of acrylic paint. She has been a professional artist since 2007. She has exhibited extensively around the Cotswolds and South West, including the Royal West of England Academy. Her work is in collections overseas and across the UK.


Paul Hobbs Exhibition St Nicholas Church, Westgate St

Punctuated with both humour and pathos, Paul Hobbs’ work engages a wide range of materials to wrestle with questions of human value, dignity and faith. Familiar images are collaged together to make disturbing and yet frequently amusing juxtapositions. Some literally become visual puzzles. Hidden in the layers of paint, collage and assorted objects, metaphors and associations abound, laying out stories with multiple meanings.

Drawing on topical news and social debate, Paul’s background in Sociology and his Christian faith, this work tries to come to terms with a world of great opportunity and yet great suffering, a place where even one’s best intentions can become distorted, or diluted by more pressing local activity.

And many more …

Solo Exhibitions

Jack Russell – St Michaels Tower

Angie Spencer – Mariners Church

Paul Hobbs – St Nicholas Church

Trudi Hayden – Old Co-Op Kings Walk

Sue and Kieth Gage – Kings Walk / Debenhams

Sarah Pym Snell – Gloucester Library

Ted Homer – Cafe Nerva Gloucester Museum

Art Shape – 38 Westgate St

David Brindley – Comfey Pew Restaurant College St

Claire Robinson – Outside Kimbrose Triangle

Russell Haines – Fad and Fated Worcester St Glos

Group Exhibitions – Debenhams, Communal Exhibition (1st floor Clearance)

Gerald Crittle

Annie Rowcraft

Jackie Garner

Tony Marriot

Dave Seed

Luba Arnold

Lisa Turner

Lisa Barnfield

Gary Fell

Max Frances

Flora Keys

Richard Mace

Sue Trickey

Russell Haines 

Tracey Cadogan

Heather Godding

Stig Godding

Carolyn Chandler