The Coloured Earth International Pavement Art Competition, organised in partnership with Urban Canvas, captivated onlookers as King’s Square was transformed into a sea of murals and anamorphic street art. Visitors posed next to optical illusions featuring Charlie Chaplin, and a tiger alongside 2D images of Mary Poppins and even a Gloucestershire Old Spots piglet.

The winners of the competition were Frenchman Tomax Poum who won with his Aztec heads whilst Christine Edwards from Crewe came second with her sea life in the ‘original’ category. Maureen Kalhoff from the Netherlands won the ‘copy art’ category with her Girl with a Pearl Earring’ piece, with Mexico’s Abraham Burciaga coming second with his homage to Harry Potter. The ‘people’s prizes’ were handed out to Paris-based Romanian Truca Christian with his 3D Charlie Chaplain in first place, and Dean Tweedy (from Borth, Wales) with his 3D tiger taking the runner’s up spot.

Original Category

  1. Tomax Poum (France)
  2. Christine Edwards (UK)


Copy Art Category

  1. Maureen Kalhoff  (Netherlands)
  2. Abraham Burciaga (Mexico)


People’s Prize Category

  1. Truca Christian (Romania)
  2. Dean Tweedy (UK)









King’s Square, Gloucester
15th -16th July 2017

The Coloured Earth Festival is sure to be an unmissable part of WSP Art in The City, the festival will be taking place in King’s Square, Gloucester on both days of WSP Art in The City. It is an international pavement art competition with an incredible prize-pot of £1,500.

Historical: The worldwide movement that is today known as “street-painting” originated in Britain and has a long unbroken history that can be traced back as far as Elizabethan England. It is also said to have developed independently in other parts of Europe including Italy, where pavement artists are referred to as Madonnari, in Britain they are referred to as SCREEVERS.  At its height in Victorian England, over 1000 people were making a FULL TIME living from pavement art in London alone!!

Saturday – Coloured earth main competition and workshop

Sunday – Children’s FREE Workshop: Just turn up, starts at 10:00am

Competition Categories

Copy Art: This is any art considered to be directly ‘copied’ from an original source….this could include images taken from photos, the internet or classical works of art. First Prize: £600 

Original art: This is any art considered to be original, innovative and of free expression….works can also be stylised and abstracted from source materials such as photos and illustrations but must be original in concept. First Prize: £600 

Peoples Prize: For popularity by public vote will be presented by a judge or nominated person. First Prize: £300 

The competition closes at 5pm.

Organised by UrbanCanvas in partnership with Marketing Gloucester.